Sunday – 15/03

Hi Everyone,

We are looking forward to worshiping with you today. We will have to do it in a creative way but we will still be worshiping the same big God that we do when we are together in one building. Today’s “service” won’t be as long as normal.

We will begin at 10:30am and start with welcome and announcements. After that we will continue in our 1 Thessalonians series with a short sermon and end with a couple of things for you to think about, whether you are alone or with others.

We will not be able to have music tomorrow, but one suggestion, is for you to use YouTube, or another music provider, to listen to your favorite worship songs before or after the service.

To watch the service we will have two options. One option will be watching the service streamed live on Facebook. The Facebook option quality may be limited, we are still in process of figuring out best way to do this.

The second option is to watch on Zoom. Zoom is an app that can be used on either your computer or phone. You will be required to download an app but will not need to create an account.

To participate ask us the link to join our Zoom meeting. If you have not downloaded the app it will prompt you to do so when you click the link. Once the app is installed the link will open the meeting room. Join the meeting by clicking the “use device audio” button. You should now be a part of the meeting. Please do not use your camera or microphone (they will be off by default).

During this difficult time we hope you will still be able to worship with us. We worship an amazing God and we need to praise and glorify him even when times are uncertain because our future with him is certain.

Blessings, Leadership Team

Sunday – 15/03

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