How To Social Distance at Sunday Service

Hi ICF! We are doing church together in person tomorrow and there are a few tips to keep everyone safe and comfortable:

1. Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrances. Our ushers will be equipped to demonstrate the best procedures to make sure we all stay clean. They will also be taking names and contacts for everyone in the case that people need to be contacted in relation to tracing for health and safety regulations.

2. We recommend people to bring their own face masks, gloves, etc, whatever precautions that make you and your family more comfortable for interactions. These will also be available in a limited number before service.

3. We will all be practicing social distancing for physical contact. As a church, we will skip hugs, handshakes, and high fives. We recommend families to plan a greeting dancing for kids to use with friends to discourage them from any contact. Adults can dance too!

4. Please respect that everyone in our church has different opinions or needs during the quarantine. Some family members may still be sensitive about health, so we ask to respect everyone’s response to physical contact, public gatherings, and quarantine procedures.

5. Chairs will be space out to maintain social distance. Families and household members may sit next to each other. Otherwise, chairs will be spaced apart based on regulations. We recommend to families if you have kids that wander to bring a blanket to make sure they understand the area to stay in.

6. Please remember that all of these are requested to respect and protect our entire community. We are excited to be together in person and want to maintain the ability to meet this way in the future.

If you are showing any symptoms of illness or have been traveling in the last 14 days, we kindly request you and your household joins online. For those unable to join in person, the service will be streamed in our ICF Sunday Service – Facebook Group.

New Location – Mouttayiaka Amphitheater

How To Social Distance at Sunday Service

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